Retain and Acquire users through CAS

Access complete historical transaction data via Consolidated account statement (CAS)

Instant Advisory Using CAS

Acquire users by providing your
unique recommendations on top of their historical investments.

CAS Report

Retain users by providing them
a one stop solution to track their historical investments.
Refer the APIs for the technical details

CAS Report

You are losing investors without their historical transactions

FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Data qualityGarbage in, Garbage outYes
All historical dataNot availableYes
Ability to customize and build beautiful visualizations on top of the APINot availableYes
Calculated final holdingsNot availableYes
Regular monitoring and updation of the CAS algorithmNot availableYes
Integration Support
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Technical queriesAnywhere between 3-15 days to reply backWithin 24 business hours
Integration supportNot availableTechnical guidance from the product and engineering team
New use casesNot availableGuidance from the product and engineering team