The AMC Resurrections: Can an AMC transform itself into a fintech?

With the recent release of The Matrix Resurrections, it's only befitting to visit the questions & subsequent choices in an ...
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The multiplicative power of APIs in the distribution of financial products

What do APIs have in common with a math operation like multiplication? What does all of this have to do ...
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Perspectives on the BCG report on MF industry

The following are our perspectives on the 7 point agenda laid down by the BCG report recently published by AMFI ...
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Robo advisor killer: The cost of acquiring customers (CAC)

In the thousands of articles advising mutual fund distributors on what they have to focus on, to build a successful ...
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Build vs Buy: Build fintech apps from scratch or launch with APIs

You’ve been thinking about launching a fintech business and/or you have been thinking about launching financial use cases as a ...
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What does a helpful MF API platform look like?

SEBI’s sweeping transformations with its regulations keeping the retail investor in mind has spurred some of the largest distributors, advisors, ...
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Are biases killing your mutual fund margins?

Let’s take a look at a very brief history of mutual funds -  If you are reading this as a ...
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