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Our platform handles the domain, technology & regulatory complexities for your businesses while you focus on building great products for your customers.

Powering new use cases

Businesses (Fintech startups / Wealth management advisors / Family offices / AMCs) mix and match our APIs to build awesome new use cases. These use cases help solve problems across user acquisition, conversion and retention. Thereby helping businesses in delighting their customers.

End customer

Wallet with 10 million downloads

Required < 2 backend engineers to integrate APIs.

End customer

Women only investment app

Spent the critical initial months building a differentiated experience vs building commoditised backend infrastructure.

End customer

Digital AMC

Enabled a smooth digital transformation for an AMC. Plugged in various third party systems and powered their end to end Distributor application, Investor application and APIs for fintechs.

End customer

Retail app with 100 Cr AUM

Went from 5 to 0 operations team due to automated reconciliations.

End customer

Tier 2 distributor with feet on street

Successful digital transformation (relationship manager web application + sales agent mobile app + B2C investor app).

End customer

Family Office

Simplified reporting for their clients via clean data and beautiful visualisations.

End customer

Micro investments platform

Integrated APIs into their backend in less than 18 days.

End customer

App providing recommendations for advanced users

Used recommendations engine to power 15 year projections across different goals.

End customer

New tier 3 distributor

Able to get his customers KYC compliant 100% digitally instantly.

End customer

Application for HNIs

Instant withdrawal of upto ₹ 2.50L from 5+ AMCs through a single API.

End customer

App focused on rounding up

Retail app rounded off the investor's expenses and invested the spare change into liquid funds. Post crossing a set threshold value, the investment switched into a recommended equity/debt fund.

End customer

Instant advisory using CAS

App used a single API to enable instant advisory by parsing Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) and publishing beautiful reports.

CAS is the report that provides all historical investments of an investor across distributors/advisors.

End customer

Registered Investment Advisor

Advisor enabled 1 click switch from regular to direct funds.