100% Paperless KYC

Stop losing users with physical/failed KYC.
Enable instant investments through Video KYC.

Instant investment through Video KYC

Lower customer acquisition cost through faster onboarding.
Refer the Product guides for the implementation details.

Simple 10 second video for investors

Instant KYC compliance check using PAN

Digital OVD collection through image uploads

Full KYC with no investment limits

Fintech KYC

Authentication of identity and address

Accept POI (PAN)

Accept POA (DL, Voter ID card and Passport)

Fintech KYC

In line with KYC and AML regulations

Fintech KYC

Flexibility to switch over to other partner integrations

Fintech KYC

Fully digital in person verification through partner

Control your user experience, while APIs handle the complexity

Fintech KYC

Zero Operations overhead for the distributor

Cost savings of 10 operations personnel

Fintech KYC

Seamlessly integrate with developer friendly APIs

Fintech KYC

You are losing leads because of traditional KYC solutions

Client onboarding
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
RegistrationPhysical forms and signature required100% paperless
Account Opening FormHigh rate of rejected transactions due to lack of AOF or wrong AOFAutomated investor registration with RTAs
CANRequired for the offline era1 simple API to onboard users
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Video KYC enablementMinimum investment of ₹ 5000Minimum investment of ₹ 100
Video KYC integrationNot available
(Redirection, with no control over experience)
1 simple API, with full control over end user experience
Video KYC statusNot availableEasy status check
CostAnywhere between ₹ 500 - 3000Near zero costs
KYC typeCould be full or partialFull KYC
First time KYC status checkNot available1 simple API for instant status check through PAN
Paperless KYCNot available100% paperless Video KYC APIs
Flexibility to switch over to other KYC providersNot availableYes
Product GuidesNot availableSimple workflow guide to integrate the API
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
SandboxNot availableFree to test and integrate all APIs.
Integration Support
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Technical queriesAnywhere between 3-15 days to reply backWithin 24 business hours
Integration supportNot availableTechnical guidance from the product and engineering team
New use casesNot availableGuidance from the product and engineering team