Our vision

World Bank Group is driving the financial inclusion initiatives worldwide. Universal Financial Access 2020 initiative’s goal is that by 2020, adults, who currently aren't part of the formal financial system, are able to have access to a transaction account to store money, send and receive payments as the basic building block to manage their financial lives.

By 2020, a billion new people (yes 1,000,000,000) will be brought into the formal financial system. That’s a gateway to access to other financial services and products like insurance, credit, savings, investments etc.

The current ecosystem is not geared to cater to this burgeoning demand because the financial services aren’t yet made affordable or designed to fit low-income users. We need many more niche financial institutions and intermediaries, designing targeted products and services to serve these users.

In our last 8 years of existence, we have been building Fintech products in Mutual Fund, Insurance, Digital payments, Robo Advisory verticals for businesses across the world.

The complexity of the financial ecosystem (uncertain and ever changing regulations, age old legacy technologies, process driven incumbents) is a huge entry barrier for new fintech businesses. Removing these barriers will bring in more innovative businesses into the ecosystem, accelerate the growth of existing businesses and increases the financial inclusion index.

Cybrilla is a technology company with a deep domain understanding. Having sailed through these complexities, we feel it is our moral responsibility to use our technology and domain expertise to bring down the entry barriers for innovation. Fintech primitives is our attempt to contribute to this global mission with the most beautiful thing in this world - Code

We take up the job of working with the financial institutions, banks, regulators, incumbents so that the fintech companies don’t have to and can work with their customers full time. We strip down the complexities until we get to their first principles and re-bundle them into technology building blocks.

We are building a platform akin to a linux kernel and designing a distributed programming language for the fintech ecosystem.

If you want to be part of our ambitious mission as an investor, or an employee or a well-wisher or even better, a customer, we will be privileged to hear from you.

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