Recommendation & risk profile

Personalised recommendation of funds for your users

Recommendation Engine

Personalised recommendation for your investors.
Note - Third party integrations, billed separately

Risk profiling based on tolerance and capacity

Simulate scenarios while planning for the client's goals

Optimized portfolios for different risk profiles

Rebalancing suggestions basis various scenarios

You are losing customers without relevant goal based recommendations

Recommendation engine
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Risk profileNot availableYes
Goal based recommendationsNot availableYes
Customize your own logicNot availableYes
RebalancingNot availableYes
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
SandboxNot availableFree to test and integrate all APIs.
Integration Support
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Technical queriesAnywhere between 3-15 days to reply backWithin 24 business hours
Integration supportNot availableTechnical guidance from the product and engineering team
New use casesNot availableGuidance from the product and engineering team