Convert users with fund performance data

Enable your investors to filter and sort fund information to make investment decisions

Data points

Note - Third party integrations, billed separately

Data pointDescription
Fund nameName of the scheme
Date of InceptionStart date of the scheme
Fund optionGrowth / Dividend / etc
Fund planDirect / Regular
Fund sizeAUM
Fund managerName of the manager (Coming soon)
Asset categoryEquity / Debt / etc
Asset sub categoryLarge cap / mid cap / etc
ObjectiveObjective of the fund
BenchmarkIndex being followed
NAVDaily value
Nav dateDate on which NAV was issued
Top 10 holdingsTop 10 stocks by %, held by the scheme
Holdings sectorSectoral holdings
Risk profileLow / Moderate / Aggressive
Exit load period remarkEg - 1% on or before 365D, Nil after 365D
Exit load rate% deductible
Lock in periodPeriod for which redemption is not allowed
Expense ratio% of investment deducted as expense ratio
Past performance3m, 6m, 1y, 3y, 5y
Scheme document linkLink to document on AMC site

You are losing conversions without relevant fund performance details

FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Fund performance dataNot availableAvailable through partner APIs
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
SandboxNot availableFree to test and integrate all APIs.
Integration Support
FeaturesTraditional MF PlatformsFintech Primitives
Technical queriesAnywhere between 3-15 days to reply backWithin 24 business hours
Integration supportNot availableTechnical guidance from the product and engineering team
New use casesNot availableGuidance from the product and engineering team